Jangam Swarnkalash Yog Kit


  • Swarnkalash Yog Capsule ( 60 Capsules )
  • Jangam Yog Capsules ( 60 Capsules )
  • Jangam Flexi Capsules ( 60 Capsules )
  • Jangam Shakti Oil

Daily Dose :

1 Swarnkalash yog Capsule Morning and Evening after meal

1 Jangam Yog Capsules Morning and Evening after meal

1 Flexi capsule Morning and Evening after the meal

Daily Massage using Jangam Shakti oil

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Patients can consume Swarnkalash Yog Kit under the care of a qualified professional. Patients should consume warm water, fruits and raw vegetables salad, peanut in winter, sesame, cow’s pure ghee and milk in the day time. Medicines should be consumed with warm milk in the proper supervision of a qualified person.

For any kind of information, call us at  Ayurveda’s helpline no. +91 9817098180 anytime.

According to Ayurveda, our body is made of seven types of tissues or seven Dhatu.  Body fluids, blood, fat, muscular tissue, bone marrow, and nervous tissue, reproductive tissues is among those Dhatus. When these six Dhatus are strong and disease free in every way, a person gets full nutrition and energy that helps in the birth of a healthy offspring. With strong seven tissues in the body, a person can still remain sexually active and strong in old age. But once a tissue gets affected by a disease it starts to affect other tissues as well. When the tissues start to decay from the above tissues and then affect the reproductive tissue it is called Anulom decay. Moreover, when the decay starts from the reproductive tissue and moves upward towards other tissue it is called inverse decay. In such cases, patients suffer from sexual dysfunction such as decrease of sexual vigor, premature ejaculation, etc. People also suffer from sexual disorders such as lack of sperm production, loss of sperm with urine, etc.

Maharishi Charak had written about 2000 years ago in his ‘Charak Samhita’ that Ayurvedic medicines remove the toxins from the body effectively. Just like a lotus leaf that does not allow a drop of water to stay on it for a long period of time, in the same way, Poison does not stick to the body of a person who consumes Suvarna (Ayurvedic medicine). Jangam Swarnkalash Nari Yog (Syrup) is made by combining Swarn Bhasma and other Indian herbs by Jangam Ayurveda. This helps in the renewal of tissues and thus increase the metabolism of a person and makes them stronger and healthier.

What to avoid

We advise our patients not to eat food that is fried on refined oil. Staying away from refined flour and foods made with refined flour, surgery food, tea, and oily funk food is best. Intake of honey as a replacement for sugar is beneficial.


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