Jangam Swarnkalash Nari Yog Kit


Jangam Swarnkalash Nari Yog Kit

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Menstruation is a natural process in women. But irregularity in menstruation cycle can lead to many disorders in the woman’s body. Moreover, the menstruation cycle becomes irregular for many reasons. For example, lack of blood, copulation defects, consumption of cold things, vain excursions, mourning, anger, sadness, mental discomfort is among several other reasons. Menstrual irregularities can cause pain in the uterus, lack of appetite, vomiting, constipation, pain in the breasts, increased heartbeat, abdominal pain, body swelling, sleep deprivation, mental stress, etc. Not only that woman with irregular menstruation face problems in conceiving as well. Unfortunately, In our country, illiteracy, lack of information about menstruation, physical uncleanness, is the reason why the majority of women are suffering from this disease today.

 Jangam Swarnkalash Nari Yog Kit the combination of Swarnkalash Nari Yog Syrup and Swarnkalash Nari Yog capsules made of pure herbs is effective in curing menstruation-related diseases. With the usage of these medicines for 2 to 3 months, patients get relief from these diseases.

What to avoid

The patient should avoid fried foods, made of fine flour, tea, sugar and sugary substances, and cold things. Using honey as a replacement of sugar is beneficial.

Special advice

According to our advice,  patients can take Jangam Swarnkalash Nari Yog capsule and syrup under any professional supervision. Two Swarnkalash Nari Yog capsules and 15ml Swarnkalash Nari Yog syrup should be consumed in the morning and evening with fresh water under the supervision of an eligible Ayurvedic doctor.

For any kind of information, call us at Ayurveda’s helpline no. +91 9817098180 anytime.


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