Jangam Joint Pain Kit


  • Jangam Joint Plus Capsules ( 60 Cap )
  • Jangam Yog Capsules ( 60 Cap )
  • Jangam Flexi Capsules ( 60 Cap )
  • Jangam Yog Oil ( 50 ML )

Daily Dose :

1 Jangam Joint Plus Capsule Morning and Evening after a meal

1 Jangam Yog Capsules Morning and Evening after a meal

1 Flexi capsule Morning and Evening after a meal

5 Ml oil massage on pain area every day




Jangam Joint pain medicines to be consumed in the morning and in the evening with milk under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor.

In today’s era, due to bad food habits, busy lifestyles and environmental pollution caused by the use of excessive chemicals, the problem of knee pain, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Is increasing. Muscle pain, neurological weakness, lack of lubrication in joints, the formation of uric acid, etc. are becoming very common. As long as patients use of modern painkillers, they get some relief for some time but as soon as the effect of the medication ends, the unbearable pain returns.

Jangam Joint Pain Kit, prepared by the Jangam Ayurveda, by combining powerful medicines such as Ashwagandha have received unprecedented results, in case of all the above diseases. Patients can now control all of these diseases by consuming Jangam Joint Pain Kit and along with some simple exercises.

Special advice

According to our advice, patients can consume Jangam Joint Paint Kit under professional care. Patients should consume warm water, fruits and raw vegetables salad, peanut in winter, sesame, cow’s pure ghee and milk in the day time.

For any kind of information, call at Ayurveda’s helpline no. +91 9817098180 anytime.


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