Jangam Diabetes Kit


  • Jangam Yog D Ras ( 2 Bottles )
  • Jangam Flexi Capsules ( 60 Capsules )
  • Jangam Yog D Tablets ( 60 Tablets )

Daily Dose :

15ml Jangam Yog D Morning and Evening after the meal

1 Flexi capsule Morning and Evening after the meal

1 Yog D tablet in Morning and Evening after the meal

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Diabetes patients can take Jangam Diab capsule under qualified professional care. Warm water, raw vegetables salad should be consumed in the day time. Moreover, walking is very important for diabetic patients.

For any kind of information, call us at  Ayurveda’s helpline no. +91 9817098180 anytime.

With the changing environment and busy lifestyle, the number of diabetic patients is increasing rapidly. According to the Health Department survey, about 60 million people in India are diabetic today. In diabetes, the amount of glucose (sugar) increases in the blood level of the patient. Initially, in diabetes, patients feel hungry all the time but then gradually the appetite decreases. The body starts drying, and patients feel thirsty again and again. Moreover, patients feel the urge to urinate often and the weight of the patient starts to decrease. Any injury or wounds take a longer time to heal when a patient is suffering from diabetes.

Generally, people with high blood sugar always complain about weakness and fatigue all the time. Not only that, chances of skin infections and urinary tract infections increases if the blood sugar is high. Other than Irritability, headaches, pain in the muscles, patients also suffer from the dryness of skin and loss of sexual desire. Although there is no permanent treatment for diabetes, patients can control this disease with Ayurvedic medicines, lifestyle changes, and correct eating habits.

Foods to avoid

Diabetics should refrain from consuming refined oil and fried foods. Avoiding refined flour,  sweet fruits, cold drinks, cold foods, extreme mental and physical labour, tea, and sugar is best. Furthermore, regular sugar test is necessary for diabetic patients.


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