Jangam Yog Shakti Oil


  • Jangam Yog Shakti Oil

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Using healthy oil for long lasting in bed. It has no severe side effects compared to artificial drugs like Viagra. One need not worry about the long-term use of these ayurvedic long lasting bed oil.

Each 10 ml of Jangam Yog Shakti Oil contains :

  • Plash Beej (300mg)
  • Shatwari (300mg)
  • Ashwagandha (300mg)
  • Kaunch Beej (300mg)
  • Khurmani Ajwain (300mg)
  • Gokhru Bada (300mg)
  • Bala Panchang (300mg)
  • Tulsi Beej (300mg)
  • Shwet Musli (100mg)
  • Vidhar Lakdi (300mg)
  • Imli Beej (300mg)
  • Maalkangani (100mg)
  • Jayefal (100mg)
  • Paan ke patte (2gm)
  • Laung Tel (0.1ml)
  • Daalchini Tel (0.2ml)
  • Jaitun Tel (1ml)
  • Alsi Tel (1ml)
  • Apurva Tila (0.5ml)
  • Til Tel QS

Dosage :

2-3 Drops massage or as directed by the Physician.

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