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Why should I go for Ayurveda , instead of other system of medicine?

In other system of medicines they treat the disease only ,but in Ayurvedic system of medicine being a holistic approach to mankind, it not only treats the disease but treats the patients mentally as well as physically. It is a natural therapy hence it has no side effect or any complications, whereas other system of medicine has lots of side effects and several complications.


How does Ayurveda work?

The main purpose of our organism is to keep us alive. That is its function, its duty. Every cell has the intelligence to support that duty, but it can be a difficult task due to environmental, emotional, nutritional, and genetic factors. These factors can affect the doshas and bring about ailments and disease. Ayurveda’s main objective is to balance the doshas according to your original constitution. When the doshas are in balance, the organism can function properly. Ayurveda focuses on removing the underlying cause of symptoms, which are the result of doshic imbalance. For that purpose, Ayurveda uses medicinal herbs, cooking methods, rejuvenating therapies, and daily routines (called dinacharya). A diet and lifestyle in harmony with your original constitution will strengthen your body, mind, and consciousness, and prevent disorders at all levels.


Is Ayurveda safe?

Ayurveda is a truly holistic natural system of health and herbal medicine for all ages, and even for animals. Since Ayurveda considers food to be medicine, it focuses on diet and lifestyle as the foundation for good health, allowing you to take more control over your health and well being. Along with proper nutrition, it uses Ayurvedic herbs and Ayurvedic therapies that have been utilized for thousands of years. Medicinal herbs have many properties and potential actions, and, when manufactured and used properly, they achieve the desired results without creating further imbalances. So, as with any type of health care, it is important to have the guidance and close supervision of a trained clinician through regular follow-ups and good communication. At Blue Lotus Ayurveda we use only high quality, wildcrafted, and organic herbs and herbal preparations.


How effective is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a very effective system of alternative medicine that is slowly being recognized in the West. It is one if the primary systems of health care in India, and has been used for thousands of years for all sorts of ailments and disorders. Its full effectiveness will depend on various considerations, including your age and state of health, how much effort you are willing to put into making the necessary changes toward better health, and how disciplined you are with taking your formulas and following the recommended guidelines. Since an Ayurvedic regime is very individualized, its results will depend on individual factors and on follow-up treatments, since adjustments and close supervision are absolutely necessary to obtain optimal results.

Why isn’t taking my pulse enough to know what I need?

We are aware that some practitioners tour the US offering Ayurvedic consultations and claim to be pulse masters who only need to take your pulse for 5 minutes to treat you, and then prescribe a big collection of herbal products. They may come back to follow-up on you a year later. This may be a good marketing technique, but unfortunately it is also a dis-service to authentic Ayurveda and to real practitioners. Taking your pulse for five minutes is not enough to understand you as a whole person. It is important to look at all the factors involved in the disease process, and pulse diagnosis is just one of the assessment tools in Ayurveda. There are others, and this is what allows us to do long distance Ayurveda consultations. It is important to get to know the whole you: Your constitution, your family history, your medical history, your diet, habits and environment, which cannot be done in 5 minutes. You will often get better results with an individualized constitutional formula than with many general remedies for each of your symptoms.

Can I keep taking my medication when using Ayurveda?

Ayurveda can be used in conjunction with Western allopathic medicine. Drugs can save lives, but because of their toxicity they can also weaken or damage the body with side effects. Ayurveda can help protect and make the body stronger after or along with drugs or surgery. It is very important to let your Ayurvedic practitioner know what medications you are on, so he can recommend the appropriate ayurvedic regime for you.


How soon will I see any results with Ayurveda?

That would depend on your particular state of health, your lifestyle, and how disciplined you are in following an Ayurvedic regime. Often times, following an Ayurvedic regime can have rather quick effects, but since Ayurveda is a holistic system and herbs act more gently and synergistically, patience and self-effort are important. As far as diet and lifestyle changes are concerned, we believe that slow change is lasting change, since trying to make radical changes all at once can often times become overwhelming. Remember that true healing and optimal health is a journey, not a one-shot deal.


Can Ayurveda help me with chronic or serious diseases?

As a holistic system of medicine, Ayurveda does not focus on disease or pathology per se. Rather, it maintains that all life must be supported by energy in balance. It views health as the harmonious functioning of the organism as a whole, and states that no system can work in isolation. Therefore, its goal is not just to treat or suppress symptoms, but to bring balance to the doshas so as to restore the natural harmony of your organism as a whole. When the flow of energy is harmonious, everything works properly and there is a sense of well being. In other words, when the balance of the doshas is restored, the root cause of imbalance is removed, and your organism works properly (i.e., symptoms disappear). Furthermore, Ayurveda has a unique cleansing and rejuvenation program known as Panchakarma to detoxify and rejuvenate the organism at a cellular level, which can remove long lasting ailments while further promoting overall health and longevity.

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