Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes

Is Ayurvedic Medicine a cure for diabetes?

Is Ayurvedic Medicine A Cure For Diabetes? So the answer is diabetes is a medical condition in which the blood glucose or blood sugar levels are very high such that it hinders the body’s ability to respond to insulin leading to abnormal metabolism. Insulin is a hormone which helps glucose to get into the cells of the body to provide energy. There are four types of diabetes; Type 2, Type 1, Pre-diabetes, and Gestational diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is most common among these. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease which affects the proper functioning of the body’s blood sugar.

Managing diabetes can be very overwhelming. Diabetes is a condition which can be controlled only if proper measures are taken. Healthy lifestyle changes can help immensely in maintaining and regulating blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, in most countries including India itself, diabetic patients believe that insulin injections and general medicines are the only cure to this problem. This, however, is not completely untrue.

According to Ayurveda medicine for sugar, diabetes can be connected to an imbalance of Kapha in which diminished functioning of Agni i.e, digestive fire, leads to high blood sugar levels. The Kapha energy is comprised of the elements of water and earth.

Ayurvedic Medicine for diabetes states that blood sugar levels can be kept in control through other ways as well. In Ayurvedic medicine for sugar, diabetes is referred to as ‘Madhumay,’ and its treatment suggests avoiding intake of excess sweets, carbohydrates, red meat, seafood, and dairy products. Eating green leafy vegetables, barley, rye, corn, oats, and fresh vegetables is beneficial and herbs like aloe-vera, cardamom, fenugreek, and Triphala play an imperative role. Honey is considered to be a healthy alternative to sugar. Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes also suggests dietary changes, physical exercises, and activities, yoga, and meditation.

Diabetes medicine in Ayurveda are easy to follow, only while taking herbal treatment, one needs to be cautious. Before starting any diabetes medicine herbal treatment, it is advisable to consult the doctor once as herbs sometimes may have side-effects. One of the side-effects being low blood sugar which can get too intense for a diabetic patient. Diet alone will not be as effective, it is important to take diabetes medicines alongside.

Some ayurvedic medicine remedies for diabetes are –

  • Putting water in a copper mug, leaving it overnight and drinking that water in the morning.
  • Adding turmeric to your daily diet can control the blood sugar level.
  • Have methi dana soaked in water every morning.
  • Ginger tea is good for digestion.

These are some of the home remedies for diabetes. Use of ayurvedic medicine for diabetes focuses on rejuvenating the body and bringing about a positive change. Ayurvedic medicine for sugar aims to strengthen the patient’s immunity and improve overall health. Dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended so that the cells and tissues of the body feel fresh and produce insulin.

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